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Preventative Healthcare

November 9, 2010

If you were given just one car to have for the rest of your life, would you only take it to a mechanic when something goes wrong? Or would you periodically have it serviced to prevent future problems?  Without a doubt, the cars that run the longest and have the least amount of problems are those that receive regular maintenance and have the oil changed.  It is odd that this principle is so easily understood when it comes to auto care, yet is seldom practiced when it comes to health care.  Your body is just like your car.  You can prevent serious problems by adopting a preventative approach to caring for yourself and your body right now. 

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine make up an exceptional preventative healthcare system.  The Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostic procedures have been practiced and refined for thousands of years.  Through asking the right questions, physical examination, observation of the tongue, and pulse diagnosis, a practitioner of Oriental Medicine is able to detect patterns of disease long before the symptoms manifest.  All ailments and diseases have a root cause and manifestation of the signs and symptoms.  The root cause of disease can be present long before symptoms can be seen.  Just like a car can still operate with very low gasoline or oil before the engine stops running.  Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine may be able to effectively determine imbalances in the body and correct them before serious problems arise. 

Comprehensive healthcare is not about treating a disease, it is about treating a person.  Oriental Medicine has been proven to be an effective healthcare system because of the attention to detail and to of all the factors that make you different from any other person.  In Oriental Medicine everything is geared specifically to you.  10 people can receive treatments for the same problem, and every treatment will be different because no two people are identical.  Though the problem may be the same, each patient is different and has a different life style, diet, body type, sleep pattern, activities, emotions, stress levels, family history, etc.  All of these factors are essential to treat you as a whole person in a comprehensive medical system.  When only the symptoms are being treated, each of these individual factors is not taken into account; the symptoms alone are evaluated and treated.  However, only treating the symptoms is to miss the root cause, and as long as the root cause is still present, the symptoms will always return.

Preventative care can help you achieve optimum health, feel vibrant, and stay that way.  Take advantage of all the exceptional qualities Oriental Medicine has to offer, which have been refined for thousands of years.   In addition to the care of Oriental Medicine, be sure to eat a nutritious and healthy diet, get enough rest and activity, work hard, play hard, and always strive to maintain a healthy balance in all that you do.  Expanding your definition of healthcare and taking care of yourself now, can prevent serious health problems later.

The best way to treat a problem is to prevent it from ever happening.

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